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 Swift Nature Camp has an intimate feeling providing individual attention to each camper. Camp enrollment is limited to no more than 100 campers per session. We strive to select campers from numerous regions throughout the country. This diversity creates a more interesting learning environment and guarantees our campers will make new friends that they would not otherwise have the chance to meet. Most of our campers do not come with their friends from back home and are searching for new firends.

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To help the kids feel comfortable at summer camp and to help tailor our programs to the age and ability of individual campers, each cabin becomes home to children of the same gender and age.
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This camaraderie begins the very first day, as each group names their cabin and creates a wooden sign to hang beside their door. Cabin groups participate in morning activities and take trips together. This communal living helps campers learn to accept individual differences while building a deep sense of group membership and developing life-long friendships.

"Most parents are amazed by how self-reliant and confident their children are when they come home," says Jeff & Lonnie Lorenz, Directors, "The team spirit that pervades camp life helps them become more sensitive, caring brothers and sisters and better adjusted once they're back in school."