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Dear Families,
Swift Nature Camp is a Children's Summer Camp for boys and girls ages 6-15. Our focus is to blend traditional summer camp activities while increasing a child's appreciation for nature, science and the environment. Yet, Summer camp is much more. Swift is a child centered program away from technology, celebrity culture and academic pressures. Through fun activities and positive staff role models, we help children develop life long skills such as confidence, teamwork, leadership, compassion and communication. We are very intentional about everything we do at Swift Nature Camp.


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Our camps small size permitts us to give individual attention to each Homeschooler. Personal development is promoted by providing fun, friendship and leadership in a supportive and noncompetitive environment away from home. While children are being Homeschooled all year long, that's your time to plant the seeds and direct the thinking patterns which guide your child to how they should behave and socialize. But at Summer Camp Homeschooled children will have an opportunity to act on their own, be self-reliant and try things for themselves. It gives them a chance to practice, and get ready for the real world.


 To put it in one word, Homescooler Summer Camp provides a place where children can be self-sufficient, and that's a major part of growing up. Our Councelors model perseverance, listening, teamwork and appreciation of differences. This helps campers set new and higher standards for their own behavior, in turn brings their new found independence more in line with your at-home teachings.

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Swift Nature Camp provides an opportunity for each Homeschooled Child to come to a new place and try new things whie making new friends. Summer camp is a new world., a new beginning. Who you were before has no bearing on who you want to be. Many of our campers return year after year saying that "Swift allows me to be my real self with real people" and we feel the world would be a better place if every place had that kind of feeling.

This all happens in the fun and sun of the northwoods of Wisconsin. For staff and campers alike, Swift Nature Camp is more than just a place to be: it is your Homeschoolers Summer Camp home. So why not join our Swift family this summer?

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A Homeschool Summer Camp in Wisconsin for Boys & Girls 6-15. This small Homeschoolers Overnight Summer Camp is is perfect for children & teens who are Homeschoolers ~ Swift Nature Camp is a Science Camp, Nature Camp, Animal Camp and Environmental Education Camp in Wisconsin

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